"There's a high degree of professionalism and integrity and they really care. Larry and Joy made the process enjoyable for me by making it such that it wasn't a task or a job."

- Alex Mercer

"In the US... I didn't know how things worked. Paper, the documentation and all the bureaucratic part... I wasn't aware. And [Joy] made it very easy and simple for me."

- Anna Velho

"I think Larry and Joy go above and beyond just what a real estate agent does or supposed to do. They will ask questions. They'll talk to the homebuyer. They'll look at the foundation of the house. They'll give you pointers, advice..."

- Jimmy Jurado

"If there was an update on the house and it was time sensitive, I know that they would always reach out to me. And that was super crucial, especially in this market down here."

- Brittany Winiarski

"It was just the way that [Joy] handled herself professionally. She always contacted me and she made herself available. And I think the biggest thing was just her disposition on 'no pressure.'"

- Daryl Rosenbaum

"The first thing that Larry and Joy did differently from other realtors is it never felt like they were trying to actually sell us. They were trying to help us find the perfect home. And to me, that was really, really important."

- Devin Burke

"[If] we had a question it would be answered within... an hour or less. I mean, [Joy] was really hands on. She knew the importance to us. We didn't feel like we were ever put on the back burner."

- Judy Hanslip

"In four weeks I sold my home, went to contract, bought a home, moved and closed. I don't think I could have done it without the resourcefulness and help of Joy and the people that she brought into the process."
- Janis Radwinsky

"I want to know that somebody is kind of on top of it. And Larry stays in communication with you, shows you things that you didn't think that you would want to pay attention to. On top of that, they're just friendly people."

- Jarrod White

"[Joy] is very detail oriented. She did an excellent job in marketing my home and she made it fun. We had a great time. She gave me a lot of good information and helped me get my house ready to put on the market."

- Lois Bolton

"[Joy] answered every one of my questions, and she came over all the time. I never had to go out of my way... I was very pleased with her. She's very helpful."

- Marian Ziesel

"We looked at four houses in one day, chose the last house. It's our forever home. [Joy] helped us find the inspector, the roofer, the mortgage broker. She was there from start to finish. And she's still there!"

- Patricia Sotira

"I just felt completely taken care of. I didn't have to do a thing. Just put it in Joy's hand. She did everything. I always say that Joy is the most aptly named person on earth. It has been an absolute joy working with her."

- Steve Moore