The Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival is a highly anticipated event in South Florida that attracts food lovers from all over. This one-of-a-kind food festival combines the deliciousness of bacon with the smoothness of bourbon, creating a unique gastronomic experience. Taking place in the beautiful Village of Wellington Town Center Promenade, this celebration of food invites everyone to indulge in a wide array of innovative flavors.

Mark your calendars for a weekend filled with both classic and trendy delights. At the festival, you can enjoy more than 30 carefully chosen bourbons expertly paired with various bacon-infused dishes that are sure to please your taste buds. Whether you're an experienced food connoisseur or simply looking for a fun outing, the Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival offers an opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey of flavors, community, and family-friendly entertainment. 

Wellington Florida Bourbon and Bacon Festival

The Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival

Taking place in the Village of Wellington Town Center Promenade, the Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival leaves no stone unturned in celebrating two beloved American classics - bacon and bourbon. The festival, slated for March 23-24, 2024, is a gastronomic delight that transforms this sunny slice of Florida into a haven for foodies.

Culinary enthusiasts can look forward to an array of unique bacon-infused dishes concocted by renowned Chef Winston. His creations are a wonderful fusion of New American Cuisine and heartwarming Mom's home cooking, taking your taste buds on a thrilling journey.

A diverse selection of bourbons awaits, ready to be paired with your favorite bacon creations. The festival doesn't just stop at offering bourbons; it takes a step further by presenting bourbon pairing seminars. These sessions are an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the art of appreciating bourbons and understanding their nuanced flavors.

The festival isn't only about indulgence; it's also about giving back to society. By participating in the festival initiatives, attendees contribute towards raising funds for non-profit organizations in the Palm Beaches area.

Entertainment is never amiss at this vibrant event. From live music performances to engaging activities, the festival ensures there's something for everyone. It prides itself on being a family-friendly affair where attendees of all ages can enjoy and create cherished memories.

10 Mouthwatering Delights You Can't Miss at the Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival

The Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival is a culinary playground for food enthusiasts. Here’s a rundown of must-try dishes that perfectly marry the smoky richness of bacon with the deep, amber notes of bourbon:

1. Bacon Bourbon BBQ Wings (Smokehouse Grill)
  • What's in it: Smothered in a sticky, sweet, and slightly spicy sauce, these wings are a festival favorite. The infusion of bourbon into the barbecue sauce adds a complex layer of flavors that complements the crispy bacon bits sprinkled on top.
2. Maple Bacon Bourbon Cocktail (The Tipsy Boar)
  • Sip on this: A liquid delight that tempts both cocktail aficionados and sweet-toothed revelers. This concoction blends rich maple syrup, smoky bacon-infused bourbon, and just a dash of bitters to cut through the sweetness, creating an unforgettable libation.
3. Bourbon Glazed Bacon Skewers (Crispy Swine)
  • Why you'll love it: These skewers feature thick-cut bacon slices drenched in a homemade bourbon glaze that caramelizes to perfection when grilled. Each bite is a perfect balance of savory and sweet with a hint of woodsy bourbon aroma.
4. Pork Belly Burnt Ends with Bourbon Sauce (Southern Char)
  • Taste the magic: Melt-in-your-mouth pork belly burnt ends are paired with a bourbon-infused sauce that boasts hints of vanilla and oak from the barrel-aged spirit. It's Southern comfort food with an indulgent twist.
5. Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Bourbon Cream Cheese (Date Night Bites)
  • Flavor profile: These bites offer an explosion of textures and tastes – creamy, smoky, sweet, and salty all at once. The dates’ natural sweetness is accentuated by the smooth bourbon cream cheese filling, while the bacon wrap provides a satisfying crunch.
6. Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Truffles (Choco-l'Art)
  • Decadence defined: For those who believe everything is better with bacon – even dessert. Semi-sweet chocolate truffles with crispy bacon bits are spiked with bourbon for an adult twist on a classic treat.
7. Smoked Gouda and Bacon Mac & Cheese with Bourbon Reduction (Cheesy Goodness)
  • Comfort in every spoonful: A creamy blend of smoked gouda and sharp cheddar envelops tender macaroni, studded with chunks of savory bacon and topped off with a drizzle of syrupy bourbon reduction.
8. Bacon Bourbon Pecan Pie (Sweet Southern Pies)
  • Slice of heaven: This isn't your average pecan pie. The addition of bourbon elevates the nutty filling while candied bacon pieces add texture and depth to each forkful.
9. Bourbon Bacon Caramel Popcorn (Kernel Cravings)
  • Snackable indulgence: Perfect for munching while strolling through the festival, this popcorn is coated in a bourbon-infused caramel sauce and tossed with crispy bits of bacon for an addictive sweet and salty treat.
10. BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders with Bourbon Bacon Jam (Slider Town)
  • Mini but mighty: Slow-cooked to perfection, these sliders are slathered in barbecue sauce enriched with a splash of bourbon. The crowning glory is a generous scoop of savory bacon jam that adds an irresistible umami punch.

Each dish at the Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival showcases the versatility and compatibility of two beloved ingredients: bacon and bourbon. Whether you're in the mood for something savory or sweet, these food recommendations promise to deliver flavors that exceed expectations.

Tasty treats at the Bourbon and Bacon Festival in Wellington, FL

Experience the Perfect Combination of Bacon and Bourbon at the Wellington Festival

Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival is not just an event; it's a celebration of two of America's most cherished culinary delights - bacon and bourbon. At its heart, the festival is about curating a seamless blend of these two distinct flavors.

It’s where you get to indulge in a spectrum of bacon-infused dishes, from the sweet to the savory, all with that special smoky twist that only bacon can provide. Picture this: Maple Bacon Donuts so soft they melt in your mouth, or Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese, where every bite is an explosion of rich, creamy goodness accentuated by the crispness of perfectly cooked bacon.

But what's bacon without bourbon? The festival recognizes this inseparable pair and brings to you an impressive selection of over 30+ bourbons. These range from smooth, honeyed varieties perfect for newbies to full-bodied, spicy bourbons for seasoned enthusiasts.

The festival's unique charm lies in its ability to harmonize these diverse tastes. Whether it's pairing a sweet bourbon with salty bacon bites or balancing a smoky bourbon with a rich bacon dessert, the artful combinations are endless. And trust us; it's an experience no food connoisseur should miss!

Other Delights to Explore

The Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival isn't just limited to the 10 mouthwatering dishes that we've highlighted. The food festival's menu is brimming with bacon-infused culinary wonders, each more enticing than the last.

Every corner of the festival presents an opportunity to discover something new and exciting. Numerous restaurants and vendors set up stalls, each showcasing their creativity through unique recipes. The bacon-based concoctions range from traditional favorites with a twist to entirely novel creations that push the boundaries of culinary artistry.

Expect everything from bacon-infused desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth to gourmet bacon burgers that are a symphony of flavors in every bite. You’ll also find an array of appetizers, salads, and even seafood dishes all incorporating bacon in unexpected ways.

So, as you navigate your way through the festival, let your taste buds guide you. Each vendor offers a small piece of the greater culinary tapestry that makes this event truly special. 

Patrons at the Bourbon & Bacon Festival in South Florida

Beyond Food and Drinks: Additional Experiences at the Festival

The Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival offers more than just delicious food and drinks. It also provides a range of experiences for attendees to enjoy. Whether you're a bourbon enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge or a family searching for a fun day out, this event has something for everyone.

Bourbon Pairing Seminars

Quench your thirst for knowledge at the bourbon pairing seminars where bourbon experts guide you through the subtleties of matching various bourbon flavors with a range of culinary treats.

Supporting Local Causes

The festival goes beyond gastronomic pleasure, as it plays a pivotal role in supporting non-profit organizations within the Palm Beaches area. Your attendance fuels these fundraising initiatives, making every sip and bite part of a greater cause.

Family-Friendly Activities

Designed to welcome attendees of all ages, this festival is packed with family-friendly activities ensuring that everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, finds something to enjoy.

Live Music

As you wander through the festival, let the live music performances captivate your senses, creating an atmosphere that's as rich and inviting as the food and drinks on offer.

Engage with each facet of the festival to experience the full spectrum of what makes this event a standout addition to South Florida's vibrant culture.

Plan Your Visit to the Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival

Ready to indulge in the ultimate feast for the senses? Mark your calendars for the Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival, a not-to-be-missed gastronomic adventure that blends the smoky allure of bacon with the rich complexity of bourbon. Here's what you need to know to join in on the fun:

  • Set aside March 23-24, 2024, for a weekend of culinary exploration.
  • Join fellow foodies at the Village of Wellington Town Center Promenade, located in the heart of Wellington, Florida.
  • Attendance is absolutely free! No tickets required—just bring your appetite and enthusiasm.

Save the Date!

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Festival. It's time to treat yourself to a culinary adventure like no other!

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