Hey there, Fort Lauderdale friends! Have you heard the news? Howl at the Moon, the nation's beloved party and live music joint, is set to make some noise in our own backyard. That's right, get ready for a full-on entertainment experience because this place is all about creating a buzz with its high-energy vibe and one-of-a-kind live music shindigs.

Imagine yourself enjoying a delicious craft cocktail or your favorite beer, tapping your feet and feeling your heart race to the rhythm of dueling pianos. Howl at the Moon is not just an ordinary bar; it's a place where fun comes alive. It can be both a lively hangout spot and an epic party destination. Whether you're commemorating special occasions or simply seeking a night of pure happiness, this venue guarantees an amazing time with both familiar faces and new friends.

So, get ready, Fort Lauderdale! It's time to plan ahead and prepare for unforgettable nights to come!

A Premier Party Venue and Live Music Bar in Fort Lauderdale

Get ready, folks! The much-loved Howl at the Moon is expanding its horizons to sunny Fort Lauderdale. Bursting onto the scene, this lively venue promises to become a nightlife sensation for locals and tourists.

Known for its electrifying live music performances, Howl at the Moon is not just an average bar. It's a place where high-energy meets high-spirited fun. This venue's unique concept of dueling pianos is a crowd-pleaser that keeps guests entertained all night long. Imagine two pianists battling it out on stage, their fingers flying over the keys, as they play your favorite tunes. You can even request songs and sing along!

A visit to Howl at the Moon Fort Lauderdale will be nothing short of spectacular. With an atmosphere buzzing with energy and excitement, every evening turns into a celebration here. The performers are not just talented musicians; they are entertainers who engage the crowd with their infectious enthusiasm.

So whether you're planning a night out with friends or looking for a vibrant party venue, Howl at the Moon ticks all the boxes. It's time to let your hair down and dance the night away in Fort Lauderdale's newest hotspot!

Howl at the Moon is coming soon to Fort Lauderdale

Host Your Perfect Event at Howl at the Moon

Whether you're looking to throw an epic birthday bash or an impressive corporate gathering, Howl at the Moon Fort Lauderdale has got you covered with a space versatile enough for any type of celebration. Let’s dive into the different shindigs you can host here:

Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties, and Bachelorette Parties

Unforgettable is the name of the game when it comes to your special day. Picture this: friends gathered around as dueling pianos belt out your favorite jams, everyone's singing along and there's not a single wallflower in sight. From sweet 21st birthdays to wild bachelor and bachelorette parties, Howl creates a celebration that's talked about for years.

Holiday Parties

Jingle bells rock and so will your holiday party at Howl at the Moon! Imagine decking the halls with tunes and cheer; it's all about creating those jolly good times with coworkers or loved ones. The vibe is perfect for swapping those office shoes for dancing ones or starting new traditions with family and friends.

Corporate Events and Team Building Activities

Shake up the business scene with a venue that adds a twist to meetings and team building. Say goodbye to stuffy conference rooms and hello to an environment where creativity flows as freely as the drinks. It's not just about charts and figures here—it's about building bonds through music-infused activities that'll have everyone feeling like rockstars.

With such a lineup of events that Howl at the Moon Fort Lauderdale can accommodate, it’s clear that this place isn't just another spot in town; it's where memories are made. Whether you’re raising a toast or signing a deal, doing it to a soundtrack of live music makes it all the more sweet. So gather your people, pick your date, and get ready to host an event that’s music to everyone’s ears!

The Ultimate Entertainment Destination

Get ready to have an amazing night in Fort Lauderdale! Howl at the Moon is not just like any other bar—it's a live music show that turns a regular evening into an electrifying event. Here's what you can expect:

A Spectacular Show

Talented musicians take the stage, filling the room with energy through their dueling pianos and a wide range of songs, from beloved classics to today's biggest hits.

Interactive Fun

But here's the best part: you're not just a passive audience member; you're part of the performance! Howl at the Moon encourages everyone to join in and make song requests, creating an interactive experience like no other.

Delicious Drinks

Of course, no night out is complete without some tasty beverages. At Howl at the Moon, you can enjoy:
  • Frosty beers
  • Perfectly mixed cocktails
  • Their famous 86 oz. buckets of booze (perfect for sharing with friends)

Whatever your preference, their drink specials are sure to impress.

Tasty Eats

Hungry? Howl at the Moon has got you covered with a menu full of delicious food options. Because let's face it—rocking out is even better when you have something yummy to munch on.

Sounds like a blast, right?


Howl at the Moon is located at the corner of Las Olas Boulevard and 6th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It's a convenient spot that's right in the heart of all the excitement! Nearby, you'll discover popular places like Beach Place and Big City Tavern.

Whether you're looking to have an amazing night out or enjoy some live music after a day at the beach, Howl at the Moon is the perfect choice!

Howl at the Moon Fort Lauderdale opening October 2024

Experience the Nightlife in Fort Lauderdale with Howl at the Moon

Looking for a place that combines live music, interactive performances, and a lively atmosphere? Look no further than Howl at the Moon – your new favorite spot in Fort Lauderdale.

Why You Should Visit Howl at the Moon

A night out at Howl at the Moon promises:

  • Fun-Filled Evenings: Dance, sing along, and let loose to the infectious beats played by the live band.
  • Unmatched Energy: Feel the excitement as talented musicians showcase their skills and create an electrifying atmosphere.
  • Memorable Celebrations: Whether it's a birthday party, bachelorette/bachelor gathering, or any other special occasion, Howl at the Moon knows how to throw an epic bash.
  • Relaxed Hangouts: Looking for a casual setting to unwind after a long day? Grab a drink from the bar, find a cozy spot, and enjoy the music.

Embrace Fort Lauderdale's Nightlife Scene

Visiting Howl at the Moon is more than just going to another bar or music venue – it's immersing yourself in Fort Lauderdale's thriving entertainment culture. Discover firsthand why this city is renowned for its vibrant nightlife.

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