Italian Chocolatier Venchi to Sweeten South Florida with New Locations

Venchi, a celebrated Italian chocolatier with a limited presence in the United States, is about to make its Florida debut with two upcoming locations in Town Center at Boca Raton and the Aventura Mall.

The origins of Venchi date back to 1878 when a 20-year-old Silviano Venchi embarked on a chocolate-making journey. Investing all his savings in two bronze cauldrons, he started experimenting with chocolate in a small shop in Vanchiglia, Turin.

In just a few years, Venchi had established his own shop in Piedmont and introduced the world to Nougatine, a delightful sweet made from chopped and caramelized hazelnuts coated in rich, extra-dark chocolate. Today, with 180 locations worldwide, Venchi boasts an impressive collection of 250 chocolate recipes and offers…

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Tutto Mare: Mediterranean Elegance Set To Arrive at the Iconic Royal Poinciana Plaza in Palm Beach

The iconic Royal Poinciana Plaza will soon host the inaugural Florida venture of the Tutto il Giorno restaurant group - Tutto Mare, a Mediterranean-style concept. This establishment will be Palm Beach's premier intracoastal waterfront restaurant, with the capacity to seat 200 diners.

"When I first stood in the historic playhouse restaurant and looked out over the water, I knew we needed the world’s best Mediterranean restaurant to open its doors and spill onto the deck with the sun setting behind it," says Samantha David, president of WS Development, owners of Royal Poinciana Plaza. "Tutto Mare brings something special and new to the island, and we believe it will become an iconic destination for many generations to come."

The restaurant represents…

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Chef Julien Gremaud Unveils Pink Steak: A Chic, Modern Steakhouse with a Miami Twist in West Palm Beach

The culinary landscape of West Palm Beach has been enriched with the opening of Pink Steak, a contemporary steakhouse with a unique Florida twist, conceptualized by renowned restaurateur and chef Julien Gremaud. Following private previews, Pink Steak officially opened its doors on Wednesday, Dec. 20, bringing a fresh take to the traditional steakhouse concept along the Dixie Corridor.

Chef Gremaud, the creative force behind Avocado Grill and Avocado Cantina, has infused Pink Steak with a club-like "Miami vibe" and a "chic but retro" aesthetic across its 4,500-square-foot space. This is evident in the dining room's decor, featuring a striking 15-foot brass flamingo statue, palm-frond-green accents, and elegant pink chandeliers.

The Miami influence is…

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Palm Beach County Launches $3 Million Initiative to Aid First-Time Homebuyers

Palm Beach County is taking a significant step to support aspiring homeowners by allocating approximately $3 million to assist first-time homebuyers. This initiative is a boon for local families looking to navigate the challenging real estate market.

The Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Development is conducting the final orientation meeting for families interested in applying for the program, which offers up to $100,000 in home purchasing assistance. The response has been overwhelming, with about 1,000 local families already expressing interest.

In a county where the average home price hovers around $474,000, the financial challenges for first-time buyers are considerable. Typically, a first-time homebuyer might need to put down about…

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Chef Bruno Silva Debuts Livello: A Fresh Take on Italian Cuisine in Coral Springs

On December 9th, 2023, Coral Springs welcomed a new culinary gem as Chef Bruno Silva, formerly of Tavolino Della Notte, opened the doors to Livello, his latest farm-to-table Italian bistro. Occupying the space of the former Osteria Mazzi restaurant on University Drive, nestled next to Michaels and Doris Italian Market, Livello is set to redefine the local dining scene.

Chef Silva, with his rich culinary background from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been a prominent figure in South Florida's gastronomy for over 15 years. His tenure at Tavolino Della Notte was marked by a successful fusion of Italian, modern, and American flavors. At Livello, he aims to further his culinary journey by emphasizing sustainability and the use of local produce, ensuring a…

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Coconut Creek's Visionary 'MainStreet': Creating a New Downtown with Over 2,000 Homes

Coconut Creek is embarking on an ambitious journey to create a new downtown with the 'MainStreet' project, a massive mixed-use development that promises to redefine the city's urban landscape. After two decades of planning, the City Commission has made a pivotal move by approving the first of two necessary land rezoning votes, setting the stage for MainStreet's realization. This innovative project is strategically situated between Lyons Road and State Road 7, and between Wiles Road and Sample Road, with completion anticipated by the end of 2024.

MainStreet is set to become a vibrant hub, offering more than 2,000 new homes, parks, and a variety of shopping and dining options. The development will encompass 16 new blocks, featuring a diverse range of…

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Sundy Village in Delray Beach Announces Exciting First Tenants for Its Mixed-Use Development

Sundy Village, Delray Beach's eagerly anticipated mixed-use development, is making significant strides towards its completion by the end of 2024. As construction progresses, the project has proudly announced its first round of tenants, signaling a promising start for this historic-focused venture.

The development aims to offer a diverse mix of retail, office space, and dining experiences. Among the first to join Sundy Village are:

- Vertical Bridge, the U.S.'s largest private owner and operator of communications infrastructure, boasting over 500,000 sites nationwide.
- Barcelona Wine Bar, a renowned establishment with a presence in 11 states, offering an extensive selection of nearly 400 wines and a menu inspired by Mediterranean, Spanish, and South American…

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Maggie McFly's: A Fresh Taste of Local Flavors at Boca Town Center

Since its recent opening at the Town Center mall, Maggie McFly's, a Connecticut-based casual dining restaurant, has quickly become a beloved addition to Boca Raton's culinary scene. The restaurant's inviting atmosphere, characterized by open spaces, cozy booths, patio seating, and a central bar boasting an extensive selection of beers, creates a warm and welcoming environment for diners.

What truly sets Maggie McFly’s apart is its dedication to local sourcing. The menu proudly displays a large “L” next to many items, indicating dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, often from family-owned businesses. This commitment to local partnerships is highlighted through dedicated pages on the menu, featuring businesses like Delray’s Old School Bakery…

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Boca Village: 13th Floor Investments New 340-Unit Residential Development in Boca Raton

A new chapter in Boca Raton's development story is being written with the proposal of Boca Village, a 340-unit residential project by 13th Floor Investments. Planned for the vacant 17.24-acre site at 680 W. Yamato Road, this ambitious project aims to breathe new life into the area.

Envisioned as an eight-story building, Boca Village is set to encompass 414,566 square feet of fresh construction. The development promises a range of living options, with apartment sizes varying from cozy 500-square-foot studios to spacious 1,488-square-foot three-bedroom units. Each apartment is designed to feature modern appliances and a host of amenities to cater to contemporary lifestyles.

According to the South Florida Business Journal, the complex is expected to…

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Delray Beach's Dining Scene Heats Up: American Social and Polynesian Flavors Set to Sizzle Downtown

Delray Beach's culinary scene is set for a thrilling expansion with the arrival of American Social Bar & Kitchen (AmSo) and Roka Hula, a Polynesian-themed eatery, in the bustling Pineapple Grove district. These new additions are poised to further energize the already vibrant downtown area, particularly along Atlantic Avenue.

AmSo, a favorite among its patrons, is slated to open its doors next year in Pineapple Grove, just a stone's throw from Atlantic Avenue. This marks a significant move for the popular American bistro, known for its lively atmosphere and delectable cuisine.

Joining AmSo is Roka Hula, brought to life by the creators of Calaveras Cantina and Voodoo Bayou. Set to occupy the former Taverna Opa space at 270 E. Atlantic Avenue, Roka Hula…

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